Our values

We strive to make a contribution into establishing a society where everyone has a decent life. A society with a responsible attitude towards the resources of the Earth that gives us food and warmth. And, finally, a society developing an agrarian culture that would be beneficial both for our generation and for the generations to come.

That is why the concept of our business is reflected in words that are simple in form and profound in essence: «we are responsible for the quality of our products from field to fork». It means that from the very beginning of the production cycle, sowing of grain crops, and through to final processing and manufacturing, we control and assure high quality of both raw materials and the final product in supermarkets.

This concept determines another side of activities by our concern – the social one. Lantmannen takes part in many environmental initiatives, such as a transition to natural sources of energy, development of agriculture of the future, production of new kinds of healthy food. Apart from that, we are fully responsible for the land where we work, that is, we do not only maintain but cultivate it as well.

This is what helps us take the best from the nature and create useful, healthy and environmentally clean products. We are determined to help everyone live a sound life, without sacrificing neither the pleasure of eating good food, nor its quality.