About Us

Lantmännen is an international company with an inspiring corporate culture

Lantmännen is an international company with an inspiring corporate culture, which is ranked among the best employers in Europe. Headquartered in Stockholm, the company has 10,000 employees in two dozen countries.
Lantmannen AXA produces food products according to high European quality standards and Ukrainian raw materials in Boryspil city. The company's brands are in great demand and have received real affection and love from Ukrainian consumers.


Lantmännen offers a wide range of products under the brands AXA, START! and Finn Crisp in various categories: breakfast cereals, oats in sashets, granola, flakes, bars, crispbreads and snacks. The company uses cereals at the heart of all our activities. When you find a green Lantmannen sprout on the packages in your store, pay attention to it so that you know that you are buying a responsibly produced product.

Lantmannen's main products are manufactured using extrusion technology

Lantmannen's main products are manufactured using extrusion technology, which combines the effects of high temperature and sudden changes in pressure during grain processing. Heat treatment is carried out so quickly that all vitamins and other nutrients are completely preserved in the finished product. Thanks to extrusion, consumers receive a high-quality natural product that does not contain cholesterol and has the perfect balance of nutrients and fiber. The company's capacities focus on the production of the following types of products: breakfast cereals, cereal bars, granola, muesli, oat porridges, salted porridges (buckwheat, mashed potatoes, wheat) Our own R&D department works diligently and develops recipes to meet the needs of consumers

Our brands

Granola, oats, flakes and cereals bars –

delicious, varied breakfasts and snacks. Choose to your taste and enjoy!

made from wholegrains

a wide range of flavors

in-house R&D department that develops innovative and trendy products

Balls, stars, loops, pillows, flakes -

breakfasts for children, providing an opportunity to enjoy a new taste every day

a variety of breakfast options for children

made from whole grains

quick cooking up to 5 minutes

Wholegrain cripbreads -

for your breakfasts and snacks. Whole wheat flour adds great texture and grainy flavor to delicious crispbreads.

100% whole grain

made in Finland

High in fiber