The rules and policies of the company

In this section procedures, policies, manuals, etc that guide our company in its business activities and requires compliance from all the counterparties with which we cooperate.

1. Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct describes the commitments in five areas: environment, business ethics, work environment and social conditions, our relationship to the world around us and our products.

Code of Conduct, edition 2.0, approved 2015/03/20/.

Code of Conduct

2. Suppliers Code of Conduct 

Suppliers Code of Conduct, ver 2.0 Approved by Group Management April 13, 2016

Suppliers Code of Conduct describes the obligations of Lantmannen’s suppliers.

3. Anti-corruption policy

Anti-corruption policy sets the highest standards of ethics and business conduct to combat all forms of corruption.

Adopted by the policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption - one of the fundamental principles established by our Code of Conduct.

Anti-corruption policy

4. LEAD Code 

LEAD Code describes our method of working with operational improvements. LEAD founded on the philosophy of Kaizen and offers specific tools for continuous improvements.