Our technology

Our products are made with the equipment of the UK company APV-Baker using an extrusion technology, which combines high temperature effects with a sudden pressure drop in the course of grain processing. This thermal treatment occurs so fast that vitamins and other useful substances are fully preserved in the ready product. Thanks to the extrusion, our consumers obtain a high-quality cholesterol-free natural product, containing ideally balanced nutrients and dietary fibres.

A special attention is given to quality control, which starts at the moment of the raw materials selection and continues to the moment of the ready product output. The production process is completely closed and fully automated, and the main organoleptic, physical and chemical properties of the material in production are measured every 1.5 hours.

Apart from that, we very carefully select raw materials. Our breakfasts, muesli and porridges are made only from the select sorts of corn, wheat, barley, oats and other grains. We guarantee useful and tasty products with the quality meeting the highest international standards.