Some history

Sweden, the homeland of the Lantmannen concern, has rich traditions of farmers unions. Those unions were established on the principles of democratic governance, quality control, fair profit distribution, as well as on the basis of equal financial contributions by their members. Those farmers unions began to be established in late 19th century, and one of those became the basis for Lantmannen in 1880.

Over the 160 years of its existence the company has not only continued the best farming traditions but also developed the best of what the farmers union generated. More and more people joined Lantmannen, and now it is owned by 29 000 Swedish farmers.

Lantmannen in Ukraine

In 1991, the Boryspil food products factory installed new equipment for production of breakfast cereals by the UK company APV-Baker. It was for the first time that production lines of that level were used in Ukraine. Since that time, the Boryspil factory has been manufacturing quality grain-based products.

In 1997, the «START!» trademark was created, which, over the time of its existence, has expanded its product range from 2 to 35 items.

Early 2000 was an important stage in the development of the Boryspil factory: it became one of the enterprises within a large Swedish company «Cerealіa Group», later changing its name to «Cerealіa-Ukraine» JSC. In 2004 it began production of muesli and grain mixes, now known as «АХА».

On April 12, 2006, the shareholders' meeting took the decision to change the company name from «Cerealіa-Ukraine» JSC to «Lantmannen AXA» Open-Type Joint-Stock Company. The enterprise became a part of the Lantmannen concern.

On April 19, 2011, Open-Type Joint-Stock Company "Lantmannen Axa" renamed the Public Joint-Stock Company "Lantmannen Axa".

On June 07, 2016, the company Lantmannen AXA changed its legal form from the Public Joint Stock Company "Lantmannen AXA " to the Private Joint Stock Company "Lantmannen AXA ".

Lantmannen AXA is the largest producer of breakfast cereals in Ukraine thanks to unique production technologies and a continuous expansion of the range. Our dedicated consumers of the brands START! and AXA in Ukraine and worldwide value our products for their high quality and taste. They are also popular in Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Baltic States and Denmark, the OAU, Jordan and China.