Meet new nutty enjoyment from АХА

Good news from our products was not long in coming!

We asked consumers: "What ingredients do you add most often to granola?" One of the most popular answers is nuts.

We launched Super nuts Granola!

The design has acquired the corporate style of the AXA Granola line. In combination with oatmeal, crispy honey and 3 types of nuts - hazelnuts, almonds, cashews.

Why are these nuts?

  • Hazelnut - contains iron, vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system, reduce blood pressure.
  • Almond is a champion for vitamin E and is it called the "vitamin of beauty". It has also been proven that regular consumption of almonds improves sleep.
  • Cashew is filled with phosphorus, magnesium, improves vision and memory.

Each nut has many different vitamins, making breakfast or snacks not only tasty, but also healthy and nutritious.

AXA. Tasty way to start your day.