Lantmannen Axa

We are the Lantmannen AXA company, a business structure within the Nordic food-producing concern Lantmannen. Our symbol is a sprout, one of the most ancient symbols of life. And that is not by accident:
in our work, we take the most useful what earth can give and create conditions for sound life, producing safe and high-quality foodstuffs.

Our products enjoy huge demand and sell in 45 countries, or every 4th country of the world. Lantmannen's annual sales exceed USD 3 billion. To meet our customers' needs and demands, we established representative offices in 18 countries employing almost 10,000 people.

These facts also demonstrate the scope of the company's operations:

  • Lantmannen is the only producer of pasta in Sweden, as well as the largest manufacturer of Danish pastry in Scandinavia. The company's baked products are supplied to the White House and to the large cruise liners, where every passenger eats the average of four buns a day.

  • The concern produces 2 million hot-dog and hamburger rolls daily.

  • The amount of brewing barley that the company delivers every year is enough to make 5.7 billion litres of beer.

  • Lantmannen is the largest Nordic producer of food for cats and dogs.

  • Best tractors, combine harvesters and construction machinery in Sweden are also manufactured by Lantmannen.

  • Over 70 thousand houses are heated with fuel pellets produced by the concern.

Our mission

We make the Earth a better place to live, and offer possibilities for a more sound life.

Our promise

Lantmannen AXA makes every effort to control the production chain completely, from field to fork. By doing so, we make a contribution into creating better living and spread knowledge about the things you eat.